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Internet TV Database, launched march 24th, 2005   Webcam Database, launched march 16th, 2005
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Welcome To MMD Software We are the software factory that do our best to create quality software for MS Windows users. All of our software could be downloaded completly free. MMD DupFinder will surprise you how many disk-space is wasted by the duplicated files. If your computer is running out of disk space you must have it!.
If you just looking for fun, download MMD CamExplorer it's FREE!!!.
If you are interested in watching WebCams for free visit us also on MMD CamExplorer Pages

See also our 'made just for fun' project: MMD Voodoo Dool

Notice, all our software has LIFETIME LICENSE!

Version 1.8 Of MMD DupFinder With Mass Delete Commands Is Available Now.

 MMD DupFinder ver. 1.8

MMD DupFinder is easy to use program designed to search your computer for duplicated files. DupFinder can scan your computer for files with the same size, name and modification time. Setting appropriate options allows you to choose between fast and best result set. Advanced result list includes almost all available information for the file. Available file operations : delete, copy,open/execute, open with, properties.  More >>

Download MMD DupFinder
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 MMD CamExplorer Free ver. 3.2a

MMD CamExplorer is the free webcam/TV/Radio database which gives you possibility to search, view, monitor and record hundreds of static and streaming picture/movie/sound sources. It contains home, city, scenic, adult, weather, traffic etc. cams as well as internet TV & Radio. Downloading internet TV/Radio packs allows you to explore the world of internet TV and Radio.  More >>

Download MMD CamExplorer Free
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MMD CamExplorer Portal (More Info)
Laptop System Requirements
$400 Laptops

 MMD Explorer ver. 1.8

Can't find your files?,Want to clean your garbage files?,Want to clean your
internet activity? MMD Explorer is easy to use program designed to manage your files. It
lists files by their extensions or location so you can easily find all, for example: multimedia files,
mp3 files, unneeded, last modified or last created files etc.  More >>

Download MMD Explorer
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 MMD Logger 2.0 with GDI Tool ver. 2.0

MMD Logger with GDI tool is windows console-like program designed to log, save and analyze debug messages. With MMD logger you can easily control program flow, time and memory consuming etc. Debug features are switching on/off by defininig/undefining one parameter and no additional code is generated when logging is off. GDI tool reports GDI object creation and deletion, GDI memory leaks, and GDI function failures.  More >>

Download MMD Logger 2.0 with GDI Tool
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MMD HttpHead ver. 1.0

MMD HttpHeader is small, absolutely free tool designed to display http headers. Just
type http address to get http header and connection timeout displayed in text window.
It's perfect for all who learn http protocol, internet programers and testers and webmasters.  More >>

Download MMD HttpHead

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